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For the past four years I’ve been a stay-at-home dad. Sure, I’ve written a couple of books, done some freelance stuff, etc – but basically my day-to-day has been looking after my beautiful daughter – which I guess is never going to change. Except that in a few weeks from now she will be in school full time and like many a parent who have looked after a child during their pre-school years, I will feel bereft, but I will also have a sense of freedom – what am I going to do with all that time?

That’s a good question. Part of me senses a whole world of opportunity is about to open up for me, while the more pessimistic (and dominant) side of my personality fears that I will atrophy – I’ll become a dad who does lunch, or a dishy daddy (the male form of the yummy mummy) who fills his days with consuming daytime telly, window shopping and worrying about whether my daughter is developing an nut allergy simply because I will have nothing else to fill the void where once once Hama Beads and Play Dough, trips to the zoo and days in the park.

Like everyone, I have dreams and I want to succeed and feel that I’m contributing something worthwhile. I feel like I’m on the cusp of something and I’ve carried for years a very clear word that I am to be like Read the rest of this entry »

My final thought for the day until June was aired this morning on BBC Radio Bristol.

You can read it below, or for the coming week you can listen again on the BBC/iplayer – about 1 hr 47 mins into the programme.

Did you feast on pancakes last night? If you’re like me, you probably had to actually go out and buy ingredients so you could make them – tempted by Supermarket promotions on eggs and maple syrup. Which sort of defeats the point of Shrove Tuesday. After all, pancakes are traditionally Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s my Thought for the Day from this morning’s Breakfast Show on Radio Bristol.

I recently watched a programme presented by David Attenborough. At the beginning of it, he stood in front of a huge King James Bible and read from Genesis – God said unto them, Be fruitful, replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over it. ‘That made it clear,’ said Sir David, ‘According to the Bible humanity could exploit the natural world as they wished.’ Well, that’s one way you could read it. But it’s not the way most Read the rest of this entry »

Below is my thought for the day from today’s breakfast show on radio Bristol.

If you are quick, you can listen again on line. Click on the link below, open the player and scoot along the time bar to around 1 hr 49 mins into the show: BBC BREAKFAST iPLAYER

Do you know, the last time I received a bonus I got £100 – and that despite the fact that I was doing a good job for my employer and that they were making excellent profits. Perhaps that’s why, like most people, I find it galling to read about the multi-million pound bonuses and golden Read the rest of this entry »

For those of you who missed it (most, if not all of you) here is my thought for the day from BBC Radio Bristol’s Programme. I’ll be doing this every Wednesday morning throughout February at around 7.40 am on 94.9 FM, or you can listen online live (or later as a podcast) via the BBC Bristol Website.

Do you know, when I come onto the breakfast show, I always get introduced as being a local writer. But like the rest of us, I’m more than what I do for a living. I’m also a stay-at-home dad. And mostly this is an absolute joy – but my thoughts for this day, as they have been for more than a week now, are with my daughter who is sick and running a fever. Far from being a much maligned absent father, or a selfish parent who is Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s my thought for the day from this morning’s breakfast show on BBC Radio Bristol.

It’s Big Bang Day. In less than an hour the physicists at CERN will turn on the Large Hadron Collider, and set in motion the most expensive science experiment of all time. Subatomic particles will whiz around a giant ring-shaped tunnel close to the speed of light, smashing into each other 600 million times per second, hoping to reveal hidden mysterious about the beginning of the Universe, attempting to cross the i’s and dot the t’s of what one scientist has described as a creation story.

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I’m down to do ‘Thought For The Day’ on Wednesdays in September (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th, 7.40 am BBC Radio Bristol)

Today I was reflecting on the BBC Drama ‘God on Trial’, which is to be shown tonight (Wednesday 3rd) at 9.00 pm on BBC 2.

Why is there is so much suffering in the world? That’s the question at the heart of a BBC drama to be shown this evening, provocatively entitled, God on Trial.

Set among the kind of extreme torment few of us will ever face, a group of Jewish men, awaiting their fate in Auschwitz, debate that most perplexing question – why suffering?

But this is not a unique to the holocaust. As the producer suggests, the drama was commissioned because we all have unanswered questions. We all wrestle with and try to understand why people are cut down in their prime. Why people would want to fly a plane into a skyscraper killing hundreds. Or why thousands are wiped out in an instant by a tsunami – and why God doesn’t do anything to stop all this.

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For those of you who missed it and would like to know what I said, here is my thought for today from BBC Radio Bristol’s Breakfast Programme.

Given the conversation Dave Barrat was having with his listeners this week, I’m just pleased to have made it to the weekend. Apparently, according to some scientists, we may be close to a global catastrophe – the end of the world even. And so, what Dave wanted to know was, ‘If the end of the world really is coming, how would you spend your last few days or hours?’ Would you sell all your belongings and go and live in a cave? Would you stop worrying about the credit crunch, perhaps, and blow all your money on luxuries? Or just tell the boss where to stick his job and spend your time with those you love?
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This Friday (18th April) I’ll be broadcasting for the first time! I’ve been asked to contribute to BBC Radio Bristol’s Thought For the Day, which basically means I’ll be expected to produce a brief reflection on life that’s intended to get people thinking while stuck in commuter traffic or deciding whether to have cornflakes or toast for their breakfast. It’s going to be a fresh challenge for me, and one I’m looking forward to with a mix of excitement and anxiety.

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