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Sad Smiley FaceReflections from the Happiness For Life Course.

Well, I’m 5 weeks in to my Happiness for Life Course and I may have found my way forward – meditation.

My problem is, I think – a lot. Actually, I find it really difficult to shut off. In all the personality and strength tests I’ve done, thinking always comes out top. Which, as these tests suggest, can be a strength. But it can also be the cause of much angst. For while thinking is at times productive – I am, after all a writer – I also examine life, with all its problems, from every possible angle, too often concentrating on the negatives and worst possible outcomes. (Though surprisingly I come out pretty average on the pessimist/optimist scale). I guess the issue Read the rest of this entry »


Reflections from my Happiness For Life Course.

What makes you happy? I guess that’s a good question to start thinking about happiness. [Actually, we began by thinking how happy we’d feel if we were given £50,000 – but I’m not going to tell you why that’s an interesting question.]

I thought about lots of things: Honey Roast Ham, Joni Mitchell, Sunsets, Whiskers on Kittens and Warm Woolen Mittens . . . But then a subsidiary question entered my mind: Do such things make me happy, or do they just bring me pleasure, and how is this all tied up? Bothered by this (and Read the rest of this entry »

Smiley FaceThis week, I’m starting my happiness course. Not that I feel that unhappy with life, but then I’m sure I used to be happier than I am now. Though in saying that, I can’t really quantify my state of happiness. It feels too abstract an idea to give my happiness a score out of 10, which I was asked to try and do when registering for the course. That said, I’m sure I’m generally more stressed, less content and angrier than when I was younger, despite being in an life-enriching marriage, spending large amounts of time with my three-year-old daughter, who has become a life-force to me, and having the opportunity to be a writer.

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