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Sublime CoverSome of you may have seen reports about the residents of New York City being encouraged to ditch their addiction to bottled water and drink the municipal tap water instead.

Well, aways wanting to be on the pulse, the new edition of Sublime magazine hits the shelves in the next few days and it caries an article I’ve written all about the bottled water industry.

If you’ve not read a copy of Sublime before, then you’re missing out. It’s an ethically-led, bi-monthly international lifestyle magazine with some great content. Each edition is based on a theme, and this upcoming edition is all about our relationship with water.

Though I discuss the environmental impact of the bottled water industry in the article, much of the content is given over to a small group of independent producers who plough their profits into providing water for communities in developing countries. I had particular support from an inspirational business woman, Katie Alcott, the founder of FRANK Water

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img_thumb_gen.jpeg‘I was there!’ states the back of a t-shirt I purchased more than two decades ago at LIVE AID. I was 17 at the time and I had one of the most amazing days of my life, virtually able to touch Saint Bono as he leapt from the stage to dance with a young girl he’d pulled from the crowd. A truly iconic event in so many ways.

22 years later, the message has changed, but the format is pretty much the same: hire big venues around the world and get the great and the good of the rock and pop world to draw in a massive global audience so the organizers behind the event can raise awareness of the issue that’s concerning them, in this case, LIVE EARTH: The Concert for a Climate in Crisis.

Clearly, LIVE EARTH is a child of LIVE AID, and yet somehow these events don’t feel like they share the same heritage. There was something vital and immediate about LIVE AID. There was an undeniable problem: famine in Ethiopia. A clear message, ‘Feed the World!’ And a clear way of achieving it, ‘Just send us your F@*king money!’ (though that’s not exactly what Bob Geldof said).

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