Over the last few months I’ve become involved in one of the most inspiring, deeply spiritual, theologically grounded, community-orientated projects that I’ve ever come across – EarthAbbey.

To quote the homepage:

EarthAbbey is a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth. We work to pomote:

  • A rich relational life between human beings
  • A compassion toward the earth and its creatures
  • A sense of interconnectedness of all life
  • Wisdom and justice in relationships
  • Human fulfilment and the nurture of the inner life
  • A way of living that leaves the earth better than we found it

Our inspiration derives from Jesus of Nazareth whose life and mission was to bring about a peace which embraces all creation.  We pursue a life-affirming, creative spirtuality that is open to all.

As part of my input, I helped edit EarthAbbey’s first ever publication, The Dream that Inspired the Bible, by EarthAbbey’s founder and visionary, Chris Sunderland.

To say it’s an interesting, challenging and inspiring read about sums it up. As does John Drane’s view that it, ‘Opens the possibility for a renewal of our entire way of being.’

You can get hold of it here: EarthAbbey Publishing.