Back in January I recorded my first ever interview to be released as a podcast. Well it has finally gone live over at the Nick and Josh Podcast. Do check it out, but also take a look around the whole site as there are some fascinating interviews to be heard.


The Nick and Josh Podcast is an experiment in podcast media to bring conversations with authors, speakers, musicians, church leaders, theologians, artisans, and bloggers to your iPod or computer.

In less than 2 years Nick and Josh have managed to grow their podcast to over 250,000 subscribers with no money, a couple mac’s, and a little bit of attitude. They boast of interviews with Doug Pagitt, Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Shane Claiborne, Phyllis Tickle, Andrew Jones, Scot McKnight, Diana Butler-Bass, Damien Jurado, Derek Webb, Karen Sloan, Spencer Burke, Bob Price, Frank Viola, Zach Lind, Jim Henderson, Pete Rollins, Bishop John Shelby Spong, and AJ Jacobs to name but a few.