End Water PovertyLife can, and does go on in the face of all manner of tragedies and deprivations. But life cannot be sustained without access to water. That’s why one of the most pressing humanitarian issues facing us in the twenty-first century isn’t global economic meltdown, climate change, or HIV/Aids – though such things demand our immediate and ongoing attention – but the fact that 1 billion people worldwide have no access to a clean, sustainable water supply; the most fundamental element of life.

This Sunday is Mothering Sunday – but it is also World Water Day. So please, spare a thought for those mother’s who today will walk for hours to collect contaminated water to give to their children to drink, because that’s all they can do. And know this also, 5000 children under the age of 5 will die today (and every day) because their mothers only had dirty water to give them.

So please, do something about it:

Support a charity that is actively working in this deveopment arena:

Hope International (UK)


Lobby politicians and world leaders so that they are made aware of the situation.


If you have to buy bottled water, then purchase it from a company who use their profits to provide clean water to some of the poorest peoples on the planet.

Frank Water


One Water