In rather timely fashion, I received in the post today a copy of Walk This Way: 40 Days on the Road with Jesus. I’d been thinking I could do with a book (other than the Bible) to give me some stimulating reading over Lent, and here it is.

To quote from the back cover:

Jesus calls us to a life of radical discipleship. He invites us to follow him and learn his ways. This book provides 40 days’ worth of daily readings from Christians – past and present – who have walked that path with Jesus. Here you will find insight from early Christian leaders, mystics, monks, Puritans and Poets.

I’ve promised to review the book, and this will appear at some stage on the  DeepChurch website, hosted by my good friend Jason Clark. But in the mean time, as Lent gets underway, any thoughts generated by the book  may well appear here first.