Given that I’m not going to be able to escape the fact that 2009 marks the 200 anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin as well as the 150th year since the publication of his most famous work, I thought I might as well join in.

Without going into too much detail, but so as you have the briefest of biography on this issue:

I’m not a creationist though I do believe in a Creator.

I think the most hermeneutically honest way to read the Genesis accounts are as Creation Myth rather than literal account – (I’m using Myth in the technical and historical sense rather than its more popular application of something that isn’t true).

I’m no scientist, though I’m married to a biologist who could be considered orthodox if not evangelical in her Christian beliefs.

Regards the theory of evolution itself (and I have only a basic knowledge of it)  – I find it a tough theory to swallow and intuitively rally against it . . .

Which is why my New Year’s resolution is to try and engage with it at a much deeper level than I have previously, mostly because I don’t have time for the debates that surround it.

If this kind of thing floats your boat then check out the bbc’s coverage, and you might like to start by listening to the podcast of Beyond Belief here: PODCAST

Also, a heads-up for the Christian Think Tank, THEOS, who will no doubt be giving some measured, thoughtful and insightful input from a faith perspective.