During today’s PMQs, Prime  Minister Gordon Brown made a Freudian slip, suggesting that he was the saviour of the world, rather than just someone who had tried to play a part in saving the world banking system.

Or was he instead auditioning for the part of Caesar Augustus in the House of Common’s Nativity Play? After all, it’s well known that Augustus declared himself “The divine saviour who has brought peace to the world.”

For those of you who will be preaching advent sermons over the coming weeks, this might just be an early Christmas gift, allowing you an opportunity to link the birth of Jesus and the titles predicated to him with the socio-economic and political context into which he was born and the relevance of an incarnational theology for today.

Given that I don’t have to worry about planning advent sermons, I will instead humour myself and consider who might take the roles of Herod, Joseph and the shepherds in the House of Common’s Nativity, as well as the more challenging roles to cast – the Virgin Mary and the Wise Men.