With the revelation that Starbucks are wasting around 23 million litres of water a day, I thought it might be an opportune moment to flag up a short piece I wrote for a new initiative, Earth Abbey, about the global stress our water resources are under.

EarthAbbey will almost certainly be new to you, so to quote from the website;

EarthAbbey is a movement of people helping one another to live more in tune with the earth. We work to promote . . .

  • A rich relational life between human beings
  • A compassion toward the earth and its creatures
  • A sense of interconnectedness of all life
  • Wisdom and justice in relationships
  • Human fulfilment and the nurture of the inner life
  • A way of living that leaves the earth better than we found it

Our inspiration derives from Jesus of Nazareth whose life and mission was to bring about a peace which embraces all creation.  We pursue a life-affirming, creative spirituality that is open to all. EarthAbbey is more than a website. It is a movement of people and you are invited to join.