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I sometimes ironically refer to myself as ‘the Lost Author of The Lost Message of Jesus’, which I co-wrote with Steve Chalke back in 2003. My books don’t normally get such exposure — good or bad! My 2005 offering, Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, successfully dipped under the publishing radar, except for some notable mentions in books by Howard Marshall, Scot McKnight and Stephen Holmes — which I guess means that it reached its target audience! Undaunted, I keep writing because primarily I love the process; plus the fact that people ask me to — and I’m just about arrogant enough to believe that I’ve got something interesting to say about faith in the twenty-first century.

My latest book, A Permanent Becoming: A Contemporary Look at the Fruit of the Spirit (Authentic Media) is hopefully a case in point. I nicked the title from an interview I heard with Bob Dylan because it fitted perfectly with something I’d been wrestling with for sometime — why are Christians so often fixated with the Gifts of the Spirit, but seldom, if ever, get excited about the Fruit of the Spirit? After all, many of the New Testament writers (and Jesus himself) suggest that it is the rather ordinary and human sounding Fruit of the Spirit that make us Christ-like — and to be Christ-like should be the central aspiration of the Christian life.

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