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So, now that the Summer is over and the nights are drawing in, why not get yourself a copy to read?

‘In our secular world, becoming a Christian is almost synonymous with becoming a ‘worse’ person, and someone less than ‘human’. Through a beautiful and compelling exposition of the Fruits of the Spirit alongside a rediscovery of the true humanity of Jesus, Alan Mann explores how life in Christ is in fact the only way to be truly, deeply and fully human in the face of our microwave, quick fix culture.’ – Jason Clark, Senior Pastor, Vineyard Church, Sutton.


Paradoxically, as many of the New Testament writers (and Jesus himself) suggest, it is the rather ordinary and human sounding Fruit of the Spirit that make us Christ-like –  and to be Christ-like should be the central aspiration of the Christian life.

Actually, to be Christ-like should be the central aspiration of life – period. For to be Christ-like is to be what so many people long to be –authentic; fully awake, open to the world; self-aware; at-one with ourselves, with others and the creation. To be at one with the Divine.

Isn’t that what drives so much of our search for spirituality – the sense that there is more to life, more to me? That intuition that I have hidden depths, even if all my friends and work colleagues think I’m shallow.

Strange then, that so little time is being given over, not only to understanding, but purposefully pursuing the Fruit of the Spirit. For what Jesus and others appear to be suggesting is that this is the spiritual framework, the matrix out of which we respond, act, live, develop, know and become known. That the Fruit of the Spirit leads us into that permanent becoming of who we are meant to be: human beings created in the image of God, as personified in the life of Jesus.