I’ve written several posts about the Happiness Course I attended in Bristol, run by my friend Bruce Stanley. Overall, these posts have drawn by far the most interest, especially links coming in from search engines. I thought it would be appropriate, therefore, to make my first post-proper over on my Permanent Becoming Blog about the issue of Happiness, given the obvious interest the subject generates.

Something that I learned about while on the course, and realised I had mostly lost from my life, is the idea of ‘flow’.

Do you ever do something where your concentration is so intense, your attention so undivided and wrapped up in what you are doing that you sometimes become unaware of things you normally notice?

Do you ever do something where you feel that the activity is worth doing in itself?

Do you ever do something that has provided some unique and very memorable moments – for which you feel extremely lucky and grateful – that has changed your perspective on life (or yourself) in some way?

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