Sad Smiley FaceReflections from the Happiness For Life Course.

Well, I’m 5 weeks in to my Happiness for Life Course and I may have found my way forward – meditation.

My problem is, I think – a lot. Actually, I find it really difficult to shut off. In all the personality and strength tests I’ve done, thinking always comes out top. Which, as these tests suggest, can be a strength. But it can also be the cause of much angst. For while thinking is at times productive – I am, after all a writer – I also examine life, with all its problems, from every possible angle, too often concentrating on the negatives and worst possible outcomes. (Though surprisingly I come out pretty average on the pessimist/optimist scale). I guess the issue isn’t so much the pessimism as the tendency to dwell on life without taking action. Or I think I can think myself out of a situation, which of cause I can’t. Actually, I learned last night that probably the opposite is true – and that in trying to fight my demons, I’m empowering them, which has the effect of dis-empowering and trapping me.

So, what to do? Turn off the thinking, that’s what. Or at least learn to rest the mind.

So, I’m going to start meditation, as the scientific evidence seems to suggest that a few minutes a day of meditating has incredible psychological, emotional, even physical benefit – holisitic wellbeing here I come!

I’m going to be using a basic technique, which can be found at the home of the happiness course here: