I would have gladly embraced this rotting piece of wood,
Until this moment had passed.
But no one understood my intent.
Neither friend, nor foe,
Not follower, or thief.
And so they fastened me here as if I am some captive of theirs,
Instead of being captivated by them.

It’s my love that holds me here,
Not the power of men fashioned in the form of these crude nails.

And so, here I hang, in no man’s land.
Stretched out like carrion.
Half way between heaven and earth.
Outside the walls of this Holy city.
Beyond the systems of forgiveness.


Incarnated to be separated.

Father, why do you hide from this Adam?
Stoop lower so you can hear my voice.
I have but a final breath.
A single fraction of time left on this corrupted globe.

I am about to pass from this moment of darkness into a greater one.
I cannot see you.
I no longer feel you.
I am unable to hear you.
So, I must trust you.

“Into your hands I commit my spirit.”