Fireworks2008 already! It only seems like yesterday I was praying that the millennium bug wouldn’t wipe my hard drive and discussing with friends our hopes and predictions for the next century. Now the fear and the fever of that millennium night has gone, I can barely consider what the next 12 months might bring – except a change of car, given that someone managed to reverse into ours over the Christmas vacation, causing enough damage for the insurers to write it off!

I’ve got no real resolutions – only to continue to be as good a father and husband as I can, pursue my writing with greater vigor, and make a positive difference to the world, as and when I can.

2008 will see the publication of my latest book in June: A Permanent Becoming (more details nearer the time). It may also witness my tentative steps into radio broadcasting (again, more to tell later). It should also turn out to be a significant year for campaigning on an issue close to my heart – access to water and sanitation for the developing world – as 2008 has been earmarked the International Year of Sanitation by the UN (so you’ll be hearing lots about this!)

I’ll keep blogging, so long as you kindly keep coming by to read my vain musings.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year, one and all.