jesus bannerFeeling all the fun has gone out of Christmas? Then why not click over to re:jesus and take the Christmas Kindness Challenge?

The idea of the challenge is to see how much Christmas kindness you can generate for £10. Think creatively. Think tangentially. Think need. Think community. Think of others . . . and if you genuinely can’t think of anything, then re:jesus can generate a random act of kindness for you!!!!

Intrigued, I opted for a random generation straight away and it came up with the challenge of doing something spiritual for my community for less than £5. The only question I need to answer now (other than what to do that’s spiritual) is, ‘Who my community is?’

Whatever you decide to do, re:jesus would love to hear from you and have provided a comments section so you can share with others what you did, how it was received by others, how far you managed to extend kindness with your £10, etc. Hopefully this will inspire and encourage others to take part.

What’s more, once the festivities are over, there will be a vote for the most creative and inspiring and kindness-generating idea.

And if none of this grabs you – then I know an amateur dramatics company who are looking form someone to fill the leading role in their production of A Christmas Carol. Humbug!