ipod touchI’ve been using macs in a professional capacity for nearly 20 years. First in the newspaper industry as a pre-press technician, and latterly as a writer and editor. A mac is simply the best tool I’ve found to do both these jobs. Indeed, that’s all a mac has ever been, a tool to do a job. Sure, I load my photos on to my mac now I’ve finally gone digital and rid myself of my 35mm film camera, which my 80 year old dad thinks is cutting edge technology. But I own no para-mac equipment, such as an i-pod, or i-phone. I’ve never had any real interest in the social/leisure capabilities of apple mac technology – until today!

For the first time ever, I watched Steve Jobs (CEO of apple) launch a new product, the ipod touch. But this wasn’t so much a reveal as an old-time revival, with ‘whoops’ and ‘amens’ coming from the assembled audience. Steve Jobs was like a charismatic evangelical preacher, technologically ‘projecting’ his gospel message to the masses. All that was missing was the phrase: ‘I want you to get out of your seats and come to the front,’ which of course he doesn’t. What he wants you to do is get up off your backside, stop sitting on you wallet and go and ‘buy’ into the latest reincarnation one of our culture’s demigods . . . and for the first time in twenty years, I could feel myself saying, ‘I believe, oh help my unbelief!’

Touch the screen and be healed!