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Brian McLarenGiven that this is obviously not my first post re: Brian’s upcoming publication, you might wish to start by reading my rather cleverly entitled post, Everything Must Change: Part 1.

Naturally, I’ve gone over Brian’s foundational arguments with some brevity, for he is building a complex argument to deal with complex problems. Though if it helps to reassure, Brian ensures me that I’ve given a reasonably accurate portrayal of his opening few chapters. And hopefully, I’m about to do the same to what Brian calls his ‘Reframing of Jesus’.

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John SentamuLast week I watched a Newsnight report by the journalist, Sue Lloyd-Roberts, from the heart of Zimbabwe, which you can read and watch yourself here: Newsnight Report.

The report both angered me and brought me to tears. I can’t claim to understand how the world of politics and economics works, all I know is, our government appears able to be interventionists when it suits them, usually backing such moves with some sort of moral narrative to justify their actions.

So why aren’t they intervening in Zimbabwe?

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Book CoverI’ve finally had chance to start reading Brian Mclaren’s new book, Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of Hope, which should be available in early October. As one can surmise from the title, Brian is taking on an ambitious, complex and wide-ranging thesis, resulting in his longest manuscript to date. Given these factors, rather than try and summarize Brian’s arguments in one brief post, during the month of September I intend to spread my thoughts on the book over three or four separate posts. Perhaps I should also say, though it may not be the best way to review a book, I will be reflecting as I read, rather than finishing the book before commenting. So . . .

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ipod touchI’ve been using macs in a professional capacity for nearly 20 years. First in the newspaper industry as a pre-press technician, and latterly as a writer and editor. A mac is simply the best tool I’ve found to do both these jobs. Indeed, that’s all a mac has ever been, a tool to do a job. Sure, I load my photos on to my mac now I’ve finally gone digital and rid myself of my 35mm film camera, which my 80 year old dad thinks is cutting edge technology. But I own no para-mac equipment, such as an i-pod, or i-phone. I’ve never had any real interest in the social/leisure capabilities of apple mac technology – until today!

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British Humanist AssociationI listened with interest this Sunday morning to Polly Toynbee, the new President of the British Humanist Association. She was speaking about her appointment on Radio 4’s religious and current affairs program, Sunday.

I’ve got a lot of time for Polly. She has always been willing to openly and intelligently debate matters of faith and religion and the role these should or shouldn’t have in the public square, without resorting to the the kind of hyperbolic ranting of the likes of Dawkings. So, I’m looking forward to reading and listening to her opinions in this new role.

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