mcknight1.jpgBook CoverRather like the proverbial bus, I’ve got two advance copies of new publications coming my way from over the pond in the next couple of weeks. My friends, Brian McLaren and Scot McKnight, are publishing two very different, but potentially very challenging books, more or less simultaneously.

Brian I’ve Known for a number of years now and followed his writing closely. Mostly we’ve had differing agendas, but just occasionally our theological paths have run very close, most notably with his book, The Secret Message of Jesus following close on the heals of The Lost Message of Jesus.

His new book, Everything Must Change, takes Brian’s thinking about Jesus the Kingdom of God and applies them to issues facing the world in the twenty-first century.

Scot and I got to know each due to his latest book, A Community Called Atonement. Around a year or so ago, Scot got in touch as he had been reading my book, Atonement for a ‘Sinless’ Society, as part of his research and was so taken with it he decided to post some comments over on his blog, Jesus Creed.

I’m keen to read and comment on both books, for very different reasons, so over coming weeks McLaren and McKnight will be fighting for my attention and for space on my blog. I guess the one to get the jump will probably be the one that arrives first.