Asian FloodsIn case this has passed you by, Northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh are suffering their worst flooding for decades.

Hundreds dead, 20 million people displaced. Whole villages destroyed, crops washed away, livestock drowned. A high risk that diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera will claim the lives of more people, especially the young and old.

Even when the floods have receded, hunger and starvation are likely to be widespread due to the fact that many of the people affected are subsistence farmers rather than commercial crop producers.

As things dry out here in the UK, this is timely reminder that it is still the poor of this world that bear the brunt of climate change and natural disaster. While the citizens of this rich nation fill in their insurance claims, the poor of Asia will be filling in graves.

If you want to help, please give to one of the relief charities who are desperately asking for financial provision to help alleviate the situation.

Here are a few suggestions:

Save the Children